Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Photographer: @Joecudjoe

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Self-Healing from Insecurities

Self-Healing from Insecurities

I had an amazing self-healing process with the help of a dear friend that I would like to share. One day, I sat down at a coffee shop with a close friend and had an unplanned heart to heart session. I spoke opened up about my insecurities because I wanted to heal from them. Funny enough, She had a hard time understanding why I felt that way because most of them were based on lies that I believed. So we grabbed a piece of paper and she told me to write down all my insecurities and we would process them one by one.

My insecurities included: 

  • I'm ugly

  • I'm not smart

  • I'm not good enough

  • I don't have enough friends

I explained to her why I felt that way, who made me feel that way and when I began feeling that way. After a few hours, we went through each insecurity and she helped me uncover how they were false and ridiculous.

After my coffee date with my homegirl, I came to these conclusions:

  • I’m ugly – LOL, I’m gorgeous

  • I’m not smart – I'm quite smart actually

  • I’m not good enough – I am enough. I am whole

  • I don’t have enough friends – I need quality friends not a large quantity

Looking back at my list of insecurities makes me laugh because. It's almost like my insecurities attacked the most obvious parts of my identity to cripple me. I've definitely overcome most of them but it's a reminder of the progress I've made. I want to share this process with you guys so that you can use it if you're still dealing with some insecurities.

I created a worksheet that you can download, print and work on. The Debunk Insecurities worksheet is intended to guide you through a few talking points and give you a framework for challenging your insecurities. I chose the word DEBUNK because it sums up what we need to do to our insecurities perfectly. A lot of times, our insecurities are false beliefs we have about ourselves that just need to be exposed for the lies that they are. 


expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief).

synonyms: explode, deflate, quash, discredit, disprove, contradict, controvert, invalidate, negate;.
— Merriam Webster Dictionary

Take some time to process the insecurities you may have because they will pop up again and again if you do not deal with them. Self-healing is a process that you have to do on your own, no one can make it happen for you. There’s no amount of likes or complements that will take your insecurities away, so take some time and do the internal work necessary to become fully confident. To be truly confident in who you are, [to be original] it has to come from within. Download the FREE Debunk Insecurities Worksheet by clicking the link below. 

Stay Original. 



Free Worksheet

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