Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Hello I'm Ori, Nigerian American lifestyle blogger and career consultant encouraging you to live boldly. Be original. 

What is Original?

What is Original?




  1. An eccentric or unusual person

    - Eccentric: Unconventional person or behavior; slightly strange views or behavior


      I feel highly convicted to live a life that is not influenced by trends, but stands out because I am staying true to myself. Being original is about not settling for a mundane and mediocre life. I want to make bold moves, step out of my comfort zone, and invest in the things that I care about. I don't want to be intimidated by the fear of failure or obstacles that prevent me from reaching my full potential.

      Despite my desires to walk away from my responsibilities and pursue my dreams, I feel constrained by the realities of life. Don't get me wrong, there is a harmonious peace in working hard to earn a living, but I'm scared of falling into the trap of working to pay bills, and living an ordinary life. I'm following the traditional path of higher education in order to make a living for myself, but as I get closer to the end of my undergraduate experience, I realize that education is just a necessary evil. Of course I recognize that education exposes you to things you normally wouldn't learn, it teaches you valuable skills and gives you an edge in the work force. But It is difficult to stick with it if you aren't passionate about higher education or know exactly what you will do with your degree. I always judged my peers who chose to drop out of school or refused to pursue a degree in the first place. But there are people my age making lots of money, breaking world records, following their dreams and changing the world. But lets face it, you can only be truly successful if you are amazingly talented, funny, athletic, have unique skills or are physically attractive. Or at least that's what society indirectly teaches. On this blog, I want to challenge your perception of success and authentic living. We all want to be successful and happy in life, but it's hard to decipher what we really desire in life and what desires are influenced by society.

      Society Values:

      - Beauty over Brains

      - Instant gratification over Long term success

      - Transformation over Continuous growth

      - Perception over Substance

      I want to go after the things that matter to me regardless of popular belief. On this blog I will voice my opinions while learning from different perspectives. I will be highlighting the lives of people who are going against the grain, and doing things that may not be a big deal to others, but matters to them. I want to encourage you to embrace who you are while working to become better. Follow me on this journey of living to your full potential. Be Original.

      I wanna live my dreams, the life that Jesus died to give to me. It’s much better than the life we’re living. I just wanna have a good life
      — Good Life by SPZRKT
      I am Original

      I am Original