Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Hello I'm Ori, Nigerian American lifestyle blogger and career consultant encouraging you to live boldly. Be original. 

Embracing the Growth Process

Embracing the Growth Process

Growing in any area of your life takes time. In our microwave culture, we want to see things change suddenly in our lives without putting in the time and effort. In my case, I was putting in effort, but things were not happening as quickly as I wanted. I struggled to embrace the growth process because It felt like my goals kept getting farther and farther away from me. I obsessed over with my timeline which caused me to be unhappy and unsatisfied. Until one day I finally accepted the process. 

I took time to analyze all the areas of my life that did not bring me joy and as I drew closer to finding answers to my questions, I realized that my perspective was the issue. If I wanted to be happier and more congruent, I had to change my perspective. I had to develop a growth mindset instead of focusing on the deficits in your life. 

Here are some growth mindsets that I have implemented in my life, and I want you to try them out too and watch your life become more joyful. 

Forget about your timeline

As you know, I am a planner and I hate, like deeply hate when my plans do not pan out. I have experienced a lot of delay in my educational pursuits but somehow every delay has put me in a better position. I have learned that it is better to finish well/strong than be the first to finish. If you are also in school, I employ you to focus on becoming knowledgeable or skilled in your area, rather than worrying about when you will graduate. 

Forgetting your timeline also applies to any accomplishment in life that may be taking longer than it should. Focus on being the best version of yourself and things will fall into place at the right time. 

God is not worried about your timeline so neither should you 
— Ori

Change your attitude

There is no excuse for having a bad attitude. Your personality is not fixed so analyze the parts of your personality that might be hindering your growth. I knew that my stank attitude did not make life easier for me or for those around me. 

Your attitude or approach to life will determine how you experience it. I encourage you to take time and be honest with your-self, then begin to change the attitudes that no longer serve you. 

Personal growth is not always fun or easy. Growth may demand that you shed things that are no longer serving you. It’s important to constantly renew your mind and reduce any cognitive dissonance. Your outlook on life 

Prioritize yourself

I was taught to have a servant heart, which means putting other’s before myself. This trait became problematic when I began putting people first at the expense of my own stability. One day, when I was stuck in a dilemma because I chose to help someone before making sure I was okay, I learned my lesson. I decided to prioritize myself because I could no longer afford to put others first. I still struggle with this because my need to help others comes from a fear of losing them. I had to address the deeper issue, so I could make better choices for my life that lead to maintaining my personal growth. 

Growing can be uncomfortable and challenging give yourself permission to grow. I am embracing all aspects of my growth and sculpting it into a life that radiates, and I encourage you to do the same. Stay Original. 

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