Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Hello I'm Ori, Nigerian American lifestyle blogger and career consultant encouraging you to live boldly. Be original. 

Damon Plant | Videographer

Damon Plant | Videographer

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up in Brooklyn, NYC. I had been an atheist since I was about 11 years old following the death of my grand father who I loved deeply. 10 years getting addicted to weed, cigarettes, liquor & women. I was kicked out of high school for fighting every year and my life began to spiral a bit from there. I honestly didn’t care, I wasn’t overly sad, just very detached from it all. I always felt like I was meant to do something great but the addictions had drowned that out for the most part. That was my story until 9.6.09 when God spoke to me for the first time. I couldn’t deny that it was Him and I literally changed overnight. I have been following God ever since that day.

2. What inspired you to make Youtube videos like broken bread? 

I actually had forgotten why I decided to make videos like Broken Bread. It was originally called Weekly Word, and I did it because God would always be teaching me new things about himself, and I felt it should be shared. I actually only did a couple of ”weekly words” but was encouraged when one of my old friends, a drug dealer, sent me a private message telling me how much he looked forward to them.


3. On your other project, GTRtv the videos are like sitcoms, why did you guys choose that approach?  

I love stories, and judging by the way the bible is written I think God does too. I am always thinking of new ways to show people who God is, and films just happens to be one of the greatest mediums there is for it

4. How do you juggle editing, recording, photography and other responsibilities in life

I was born with a lot of different gifts, and have often looked at it as a curse, because it requires a lot of patience with yourself. You want to conquer the whole world at once but it is physically impossible. I have learned that if I take things one at a time and remain consistent you can accomplish a lot. I do think most believers waste their gifts or time, but that isn’t for Christians alone. I think that is something that plagues the entire world regardless of your beliefs. Opposition will always be around when Purpose is around, the people who accomplish things have just as much of a struggle as everyone else but they have made it up in their mind that they HAVE to accomplish the things they imagine. I quit my job a little over a year ago and now I make a living filming for artists and companies , but the ultimate goal is to get GTRtv in a position where I and my team can live off of it.

5. What advice could you give to Christians who don't know exactly what to do with their lives but want to live in Gods will? And for those who do know what they want to do, how can they give God glory in their jobs? 

The best advice I could give is to sit down pray, and self examine yourself. When we really think about it, most times, the reason for why we were created can be found very easily. Certain characteristics, qualities are gifts. God created us to use those gifts to give Him glory, that is my purpose a well as yours. The way to give God the glory on your job is to give God glory on your job. lol, speak about Him, share what He has done with you. Speak about him as if He were a childhood friend, because He is. Also live, speak and act in a way that glorifies Him because you are His representative. This requires you to be very intentional about your growth with Him and as he pours into you, you will have more to pour into people at your job.

6. What makes you original? 

Because I am a combination of every story I have ever read, heard or seen. I believe everyone is original because of that fact alone. Your combination can never be the same as mine because we had different upbringings, friends, and books. The reason why so many aren’t original is because they aim to create an exact replica of someone else’s combination for fear that no one will like the one they have to offer. I understand that, and I embrace my originality.


Damon Plant


Light Kamasse | Photographer

Light Kamasse | Photographer

Danielle Kubi | Educator