Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Photographer: @Joecudjoe

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CJ Obima | Comedian

CJ Obima | Comedian

I’d rather die than live a mediocre life
— CJ Obima

Those are the confident words of 21 year old CJ, who is a well known face around our college campus. He is not just your typical funny Nigerian Host, here are a few of his accomplishments

  • Creator and host Show time at Towson

    • He hopes that by God's grace, he will have a bigger venue for this normally sold out show

  • Hosted Explosion for 2 years

    •  A show put on by the African Diaspora club

  • Hosted Poetry Slam

  • Hosted The Homecoming Talent Show 

  • Runs a radio show

  • Hosted Fest Africa

  • Opened for Eddy Kenzo

  • Hosted Ebony Lounge in 2013

  • Hosted George Washington Universities African Students Association show

I sat down with CJ and asked a few brief questions about his accomplishments at Towson University. To my surprise, he said that it wasn't easy! He was rejected from multiple student groups, and organizations rejected his proposals for sponsorship. When he first started out, no one knew who he was so he had to prove himself.

What makes you different from other funny Nigerian guys?

I have always been popular, I used to be the class clown in school but now I'm using it for a purpose. I was skinny back then so kids thought I was weak so I always felt like I had something to prove. When I was younger, my parents sent me back to Nigeria for A year and that experience taught me about my culture, faith, and family. Going back home humbled me. Nothing was given to me, people denied me for everything at first. But now that I am everywhere, I have to prove myself even more.

What is your major?

I am a Mass Communications and philosophy major. I was studying Pre-Law but that would take too long. That's dead!

What are your future plans?

I wanna be a TV personality, motivational speaker, doing radio and just using my voice for a purpose.

How do you prepare for a show?

I improvise everything. I get my material from past experiences or something I've seen. I prepare for the worst though. Praise God, cause it's not me. With comedy, you can't copy anyone else cause everyone has their own style.

What makes you original?

Its in me. If I say its from me, I'd be lying. I mean, no one is really original cause nothing is new, you just add your own flavor to ideas. I'd rather die than live a mediocre life. You have to free your mind. Think about it, our parents came all the way out here so why would you settle.


I couldn't agree more with those remarks. I'm very proud of CJ and all he is doing, I remember watching him host the talent show, and I was very impressed with how he could connect with the crowd and make them feel included. He made everyone laugh, not just the Africans. Keep grinding hard and representing Nigeria.


Instagram:  @Barack_Obima

Twitter:  @Barack__Obima


Bilphena Yahwon | Poet

Bilphena Yahwon | Poet

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