Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Photographer: @Joecudjoe

Hello I'm Ori, Nigerian American lifestyle blogger and career consultant encouraging you to live boldly. Be original. 

Jamie | Photographer


Tell us about yourself

Well I was born in London & have always lived there and to be honest was the type of person that just went to work or school and then back home. I didn't really explore, not to say I didn't have fun and go out place but I didn't explore just for the sake of exploring. As I got into photography it opened my eyes up to everything around me, the trees seemed greener, people's expressions stood out to me and I realized that it had changed the way I look at life. So my life mainly consisted of work, explore with others and spending time with family including my amazing little sister who is only 7 years old (I'm 25) 

What did you study is university and why?

Well I studied psychology in university and how I chose that was pretty random. In the UK you usually got to a college before university (Usually when your 16-19) and study courses that you may need to get into the university course you want. I had originally planned to do drama, law, biology and chemistry because I wanted to be a forensic scientist. However on the day the courses were not available so I picked randomly based on what I thought. I picked psychology and at first was put off as it involved so much reading but over time I grew to love it, so I went to university and got a degree. I love knowledge and learning almost about anything because knowledge is so precious.

What compelled you to follow your dreams of being a photographer?

Well I'm actually into both video and photography. I started being interested in video just from seeing different things on TV and online to be honest. I was fascinated and had my own ideas and wanted to see them come to life. So that's how I started. I met a lot of people along the way that have helped me to grow and really spent their time to push me forward and if I'm to be truly honest it's those people that kept inspiring me no matter what to keep going. 

Why did you choose to come to the United States?

I moved to America because I fell in love. The cities had so much culture and depth. I remember when I visited for the first time as a photographer and everywhere I went felt new, free which really helped me grow my perspective as a photographer. Also in a way it's forced me to push to achieve greatness (even though hard) in a completely new place turning it all into an amazing adventure. I've seen so much and everyday in still seeing more, it's amazing! The people too!! 


What advice would you give to people who are torn between following their dreams and doing what they are supposed to like pursuing higher education?

The advice I would give to everyone that has a dream and talent (even if you think you're not the best) is to keep learning. Learn about what you want to do, learn as much about it as you can. Then take that learning and get practicing whether it be taking pictures, writing poems, singing song whether your dream practice all the time every single day if you can. Then surround yourself with those that inspire you, follow them, and try to understand how they do what they do. If you keep this up in no time you'll be looking back surprised at the progress you've made. This applies to whether you work full time or have loads of time on your hands, this is your craft, it belongs to you and it is worth as much as you invest into it, so if you have a job to bring money in you have to work that much harder to make time to grow and produce work. Just make sure you enjoy the journey! 

What makes you original?

I guess what makes me original is the fact that I allow myself not to be too serious. I want to enjoy the moment as much as I can because you won't live that moment again. Then the pictures I take are an extension of my passion. On top of that I'm a pretty random person so that helps to get you thinking outside the box and is what people want to see!


CJ Obima | Comedian

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